Governments are asked to reinvent themselves in order to be able to listen to and facilitate citizens’ needs and to improve participation. This is not an easy challenge. That’s why we talk about a transformation of the public sector. The Government Lab is a 200-day program for innovative project leaders in the municipality of The Hague. They go on an exciting journey in which they try to reinvent their field, themselves and the public sector. During the program they seek continuous interaction with stakeholders and target audiences when re-defining the underlying problem and prototyping their ideas. Participants explore citizens’ needs and governments’ capabilities to spur creative ideas about empowering people to have a say in how they are governed, how to make government more efficient and hold those in power accountable for what they deliver.

The method we use is based on Design Thinking, a ‘mindset’ that helps people to be more creative and explorative and to be able to co-create with their colleagues and customers. Participants of the program supported by Bram van Hasselt and Maarten Jurriaanse from Ping-Pong Design.