Proof of concept.
The area around the Hollands Spoor Train Station is living proof of a society in which people respect each other and work together for a better future. For  LUSTHOFxl it is important that the residents can be proud of the neigherbourhood in which they live. What happens in this neigherbourhood, namely living together in a relatively small area with many different nationalities and cultures, is not always easy. They are an example for concept makers. A proof of concept that numerous cultures living together in harmony is possible.


Head and heart, thinking and action.
A neighborhood like the Stationsbuurt is the positive DNA of the city. And therefore this area and its inhabitants deserve positive attention in the branding campaign of The Hague as an international city of peace and justice. Avenue Mondial makes the connection between mind and heart, thinking and action.
Do you find it challenging to overcome incorrect assumptions about certain countries and the people who come from those countries? Are  you, like us, curious about what other cultures have to offer? Would you like to take action and help build an innovative concept? If so you are welcome to collaborate on the development of the Avenue Mondial.

Public exhibition salons
First we will transform two vacant buildings to pop up museum shops, Public Expo Salons. In these salons you will find leading national products of the country concerned in the field of fashion, literature, music, design, photography and organic foods. They will serve good coffee and tea and have free Wi-Fi.  Just a nice place to be and to visit on a daily basis. Developed from the  idea to give insight into the lives of ordinary people and their role in the process of peace and justice.