The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The Hague University of Applied Sciences has three campuses that are home to nearly 26,000 students, studying in ca. 50 educational programmes in multiple disciplines, varying from management, law, business, economy, healthcare, to social work and a range of technical domains. The population at the university is very international and together the students and staff represent over 140 nationalities.
The university is very active in research and organises its activities in research groups with four main themes, one of which is called ‘Learning in a Network Society’. A multidisciplinary team of researchers investigates under what conditions do people learn, both individually and as a network, and what interventions or technologies can support and stimulate learning. Within this theme, ‘public learning’ is a topic that we associate with the activities at ICX. The research team is conducting experiments and design projects, also involving students from various disciplines, in order to generate knowledge and experience with interventions that help to achieve a learning network society.

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Municipality The Hague

The Hague is a unique city (500.000 residents) we are all proud of.
A green city famous for its parks, seaside and dune fields.
The International City of Peace and Justice, where we work for a better world.
But also a curious city bursting with culture and events where people look and move forward.
A diverse, social and sustainable city, where we look after each other and where people take care of the next generations.

As a municipality, we rely on The Hague Power (Haagse Kracht) of residents and entrepreneurs to continue advancing the city.
In order to achieve this we give room where possible and offer support where necessary.

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LUSTHOFxl aims to make The Hague an open, vibrant and creative city. A city leading the way in showing what is indeed possible, a green oasis by the sea. A city with a large international community where everyone counts.

We at LUSTHOFxl are convinced that proper playful interventions in the public space will encourage people to participate in a positive way in these spaces.

What is important to us:

  • Social inclusiveness
  • Making people responsible through involvement
  • Co-creation between municipalities, organizations, businesses and residents
  • Green and sustainable interventions on city and district level

We do this through the mapping of habits and patterns, holding interventions, organizing events, defining visions and branding. Through simple and playful interventions we support resident’s participation. We also create actual physical adjustments in public space. In addition to a program focused on neighborhoods and districts, we will upscale our plans to municipal level and further develop our plans for a social and sustainable The Hague.

Within ICX we do this by way of two projects:
A) Avenue Mondial: international road of peace and justice
B) The Hague Green Carpet: connecting the city and the sea by means of culture and nature.

Why we are a partner in ICX? We believe in experimenting with different stakeholders on an equal level. ICX offers this opportunity.

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STADvogels is an architecture studio for research and design, with a specific interest in the interrelation between the design, the use and the experience of public domains. STADvogels cofounded ICX to embed a place for public learning in the city of The Hague.

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Dutch Coast

Dutch Coast is an office for technology and business development. They cofounded the international technology festival Border Sessions, cofounded the startup accelerator World Startup Factory and work on numerous projects and programmes in the innovation arena. They cofounded ICX to build a sustainable lab for concrete positive change in cities with technology and design.

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Urbanlink likes to work on inspiring innovative design projects related to urban development, open innovation and the web. In the search for a more open and collaborative city the need for a ‘smart citizens hub’ came up. So we founded ICX.
Within ICX urbanlink will work on smart citizen projects, such as voOot (open city council information) and Haagse Makers (platform for a resourceful city).

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We are open for new partners.