GovLab Grande Finale

The first Govlab of municipality of The Hague is coming to an end. The grand final was the presentation of all participants to their collegeas and management at ICX on 27th of October. Partners from ICX were invited and seen at the drinks. The participants made an overview over the citizen they interviewed and gave a talk about the lessons learned from their research, problem definition, ideation and prototyping phases.

One of the valuable lessons was to go out in the city and test your presumptions at every stage of your own journey. This can be during problem definition – for example what are the causes versus effects of the problem. Another learning was to bring as soon as possible colleagues and partners in to the process to have time to make mistakes together. But also use rapid prototyping as a way to get different en quick insights from the people you talk to and it helps also to break the ice in asking questions.

The results from 200 days govlab program were, next to building a netwerk of colleagues and try new possibilities to do your work, a new program for healthy citizen with primary schools, unemployment program tested and revised, an program against discrimination between youth revised and cancelled and new way of working for helping citizens tested.